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Green insulation technology involving hemp and lime, successfully implemented all around the world. Hempire, helps to fulfill dreams of people to who wish to live in “eco” dwellings. Our professionals, having worked on numerous projects, are able to provide a full scope of services. These include: consultations on our 100% natural hemp insulation material – “Hempire Mix”, insulation services, quality control, organization of workshops and others.

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Reakiro USA is Producing, Designing, Formulating and Selling the highest Quality Hemp based extracts products to help millions of people around the globe.

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As of August 2017, Reakiro team is actively working on its planned expansion into the European markets by building on the success and knowledge base already gained in North America.
Reakiro Europe is continuing to trade hemp derived wholesale products with an ultimate goal of
having its own extraction and production lab operational by the end of 2017.

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