Reakiro’s UK Expansion


This year at Reakiro we have expanded beyond our mainland European bases and established new roots and partnerships in the UK.

It was an easy decision to expand into the UK market as this year has been monumental for the UK’s CBD market. The UK is now positioned as the second-largest CBD market in the world, standing only behind the US. The CBD industry is estimated to be worth £1 billion by 2025, which is an immense achievement for a relatively unknown product just 5 years ago — which has now skyrocketed to ubiquitous popularity.

We have launched a brand new UK website for UK-based customers to enjoy lower shipping costs, quicker delivery times, and the opportunity to shop in their own currency. As well as brand-new blogs and up-to-date information about CBD in the UK.

New UK website

Reakiro UK customers will also be rewarded when they shop. By taking part in the online loyalty programme, customers can earn points from shopping online and by referring friends and family to Reakiro’s world of premium quality CBD products.

As well as our UK website launch, at Reakiro we have been strengthening our partnership with Holland & Barrett, the UK’s most reputable health store. Reakiro can now be found and recognised up and down the country, thanks to its presence both online and in-store with Holland & Barrett.

This year the UK became the first country to regulate CBD in food. The only products which can be legally sold in the UK have been named in a list of 3,500 products compiled by the Food Standards Agency. And those which were on sale but not approved must now be withdrawn. As a manufacturer, this is a regulatory step that we welcome wholeheartedly, and we hope that this improves the overall quality of all available CBD products while weeding out the low-grade operations that are not only trying to capitalise on this market but are also diluting the effective and high-quality CBD products available.

This effort to regulate the booming market comes after years of uncontrollable growth. But for high-quality and trustworthy manufacturers, this comes as a welcome shift. CBD products that are now available in the UK should be of high regulated quality, while low-grade operations will have been forced out of the market.