Reakiro team have been invited to present at the Future Cannabis Strategies Europe 2022 conference in London 26th-27th January


Bringing together strategic business leaders from the European Consumer-Facing Cannabis products industry.

Reakiro Keynote Speakers

Industry-leading European CBD manufacturers Reakiro have been invited to present at the Future Cannabis Strategies 2022 conference in London, which brings together leaders from European Consumer-Facing Cannabis product businesses.

Over the past 5 years, Reakiro has become one of the leading CBD producers in the UK and Europe, specialising in premium quality CBD oil and other CBD products. Reakiro is recognised for the control and consistency applied to their production and manufacturing processes, which all takes place in-house in HACCP, GMP, GHP certified facilities.

Reakiro will be sending three outstanding representatives from the company to speak at the conference, Stuart McKenzie CEO, Mark Wright Chief of Operations and co-founder, and Hilary Leam Director of Global Business Development.

The conference is set to host over 250 attendees from different sectors of the hemp and CBD industry, a majority of which hold director appointments in their respective businesses. There will also be over 20 exhibitors to elucidate on what the next year ahead holds for new trends in flavours, product types, growth areas and understanding what consumers want.

Reakiro’s presence at the London conference will be crucial for sharing knowledge, expertise and information about how the CBD market is growing across Europe and the UK, leading by example from the vast success of the cannabis and CBD markets in North America. 

Reakiro has been establishing itself as a leader in the industry across Europe for over 5 years, with the growth and production of their products taking place in various locations throughout the European Union. 

For the past year Reakiro has been partnering with UK health food giant Holland & Barrett. In over 800 stores on the British high street you can now find Reakiro’s premium quality CBD oils and CBD products.

The conference will bring together the best minds in the business to help plan for a future where hemp, CBD and cannabis products have a defined place in our every day lives. To understand how to move forward in this ever-changing industry, it is crucial to draw on data and case studies, which is the exact experience and expertise that the Reakiro representatives will be bringing with them.