Reakiro’s SOOL CBD range of products are now available on one of the largest marketplaces in existence


SOOL products have launched on Amazon UK

It is fantastic to announce that Reakiro’s SOOL CBD range of products are now available to purchase from one of the largest marketplaces in existence. You can now buy SOOL premium CBD products directly from Amazon UK, we hope that this will make these great products even more accessible and available to our UK customers as the popularity of CBD grows and grows as well as the need for established legitimate products to be at the forefront of the market.

SOOL products have launched on Amazon UK

What is SOOL

SOOL is one of Reakiro’s newest ranges of CBD products, formulated to answer the needs of people who wish to incorporate CBD into their daily routines as a way to connect with themselves, to connect their body to nature. SOOL is the way to reconnect with yourself, naturally. The range uses a premium quality CBD extract taken from carefully cultivated hemp, grown in EU quality controlled fields.

SOOL’s range of products maintains the structure and natural components of the hemp plant with one alteration, the removal of THC. Even though THC doesn’t have a noted psychoactive effect, there are many reasons people would prefer not to ingest it. This may be for professional reasons if you are regularly subject to a drug test (THC can be flagged up), if you use CBD in conjunction with sporting practice, or some people do just feel more confident using CBD products that have the assurance of no THC.

SOOL packaging

SOOL products stand out from other products on the market in their quality assurance and also thanks to their creative design which is easily recognisable, especially when shopping on a busy marketplace like Amazon. SOOL products are emblazoned with a luminous and intensely colourful real photograph of a CBD molecule under the microscope.
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Being on Amazon

Launching the SOOL range on Amazon UK is a great moment for the company, the CBD community and all future prospective CBD users. Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the UK (and in many other countries) meaning it has great prospects for discovery. When people shop for CBD on Amazon they have more choices than many health stores could offer, and all at a competitive price. Everybody knows what Amazon is and how it works, so this could make CBD products significantly more accessible to people who would not usually visit spaces where they would come across CBD by happenstance. CBD is an incredible natural product that pretty much everyone could benefit from in one way or another due to its wide-ranging and reaching effects. Hopefully, Amazon will help those who are less familiar with the potential of CBD discover just how accessible it is. And finally, we must give a mention to just how convenient Amazon is from a customer experience perspective. For Prime members, products can be delivered to your doorstep, your workplace, or a local Amazon locker the next day or sometimes the very same day. And for non-Prime members, it only takes a couple of days.

Shopping for CBD on Amazon

When shopping for CBD products on Amazon it is still important to do your research. Amazon has a great review system which is a pretty trusted resource for understanding how a product works. This is one of the most authentic portrayals of a product’s performance, people write reviews with just one intention — letting people know whether this is something worth spending money on. You can also check the company’s or manufacturer’s website to review the legitimacy of the operation by checking for certifications, regulatory approvals and CoAs (certificates of analysis).

Leave reviews

If you do buy any CBD products on Amazon, SOOL or otherwise, we would strongly encourage you to leave reviews. This helps other members of the CBD community (especially people who are looking to try it for the first time) make an assessment of which products are worth trying and also which products are most suitable for the experience they are looking for in a CBD product.

While this is great news for the CBD community in the UK, the launch on Amazon does not apply to other countries in Europe just yet. If you live outside of the UK and would like to purchase SOOL products please head to where you can find all the SOOL products and the option of international shipping. We are working hard to make all of our products as accessible as possible to people everywhere, so watch this space for any future announcements regarding where you can find out premium quality CBD products.

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