New CBD ranges and CBD products | Summer 2021


It has been a very busy summer in Reakiro HQ where the team have been working incredibly hard to bring out brand new products for our community which we are all very proud of. It is fantastic to be able to share these with everyone now and you can all see, experience and enjoy the new ranges and products we have been working on.

Just for you here is a recap of our new ranges and products.

Sool CBD Products


SOOL is the brand new CBD range launched by Reakiro for those who wish to use, or start using, CBD in their daily lives to help them reconnect with themselves through the power of natural products. This entire range is formulated with broad spectrum CBD, allowing users to get the very best out of CBD and other complementing compounds and cannabinoids, with the assurance that there is no THC. SOOL’s design makes it stand out from other competitors, each product is emblazoned with a luminous picture of a CBD molecule under the microscope.

Reakiro Gummies

Reakiro Gummies

Gummies are quickly becoming one of the most fun and enjoyable ways to take CBD for many people to take CBD. Reakiro wanted to make a product that was enjoyable, fun to consume and full of all the natural goodness and benefits of the hemp plant. Reakiro’s CBD gummies are made with the premium quality CBD extract which our products are loved for. These gummies are available in a variety of flavours, so there’s something for everyone: apple, lemon, orange and cherry. We have also ensured that there is a vegan and sugar-free formulation. Our gummies are also accessible and convenient for people with varying potency preferences, the gummies are available in 10mg, 25mg and a high 50mg per gummy.

Smart Restart

Smart Restart

With health, fitness, wellness, exercise and sport at the forefront of everyone’s mind it feels necessary to dedicate a range of products to exactly this. Smart Restart CBD products are geared towards athletes and those who wish to utilise the natural powers of CBD and hemp in their work out and recovery routines. This range includes capsules, oils and sprays to be taken orally and sublingually, and also a collection of recovery gels and balms to support the skin and muscles with the anti-inflammatory powers of CBD and hemp. To make these a reliable and trusted product for athletes around the world, the entire range is THC free.