Reakiro is set to launch in-store across mainland Europe


The launch of Reakiro in physical stores has been a great success, even given the restrictions and intermittent lockdowns across the past few months. Owing to this, the decision has been made that now is the time to roll out across Europe. Reakiro will be expanding into the BeNeLux area, consisting of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

«Thanks to our ever growing number of loyal partners and customers, we continue our journey across Europe and the rest of the world. We will develop new innovative products to improve our customer satisfaction and expand our customer base. Our customers are our family and there is nothing more important than looking after their health» said Stuart McKenzie, CEO of Reakiro.

At Reakiro we pride ourselves on the wide range of high-quality CBD products that we produce, meaning there is a perfect product for every customer. And this is something that will elevate the European CBD market to the next level. Not only will Reakiro be bringing our premium quality CBD oil to the market, but also Reakiro vegan-friendly products.

Our vegan-friendly products are made in environments that ensure that there is no trace of any animal product in cultivation or formulation. Giving people who live a plant-based life peace of mind and security in our CBD.

And in the midst of this extremely exciting development, Reakiro has yet another announcement to make. To guide this new partnership and venture, we are welcoming Jay Van Den Berg to our incredible team, leading the European Business Development.

Hilary LeamJay has held senior corporate management positions including Managing Director of Unilever Ukraine and VP Business Development in Swisscom AG. He has also played a key role in a number of successful start-up companies acquired by multinationals such as Swisscom AG, Worlonline/Tiscali and MTG AB. Jay brings extensive international FMCG Consumer Marketing expertise to Reakiro.

The opportunities that lie ahead for Reakiro are exciting and prosperous, we are so thrilled to be launching in mainland Europe and who better to guide us than our latest addition to the team, who brings invaluable experience to lead this venture. Welcome to the team, Jay!