SOOL — Reakiro’s new THC-free, Broad-spectrum CBD Range Designed to Deliver Nature’s Gem to Everyone


Broad-spectrum CBD oil is filled with all the natural compounds of the hemp plant such as cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that cause therapeutic benefits without including THC. In this way, broad-spectrum CBD is the most inclusive strain of CBD oil, allowing people who do not want to consume THC to still reap the benefits of CBD. 

Understanding this, Reakiro has released a second range of products-SOOL. Sool is the first broad-spectrum, THC free range from the Reakiro experts, developed to ensure a wide range of people can enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Broad-spectrum CBD Products - SOOL

SOOL’s products are designed to satisfy a plethora of current and future CBD users. It includes a variety of products that come in four different forms: tinctures, capsules, gummy and a spray. Ready to meet all customer desires, SOOL offers CBD oil in its natural form in tinctures to deliciously flavored CBD sprays and gummy designed to mask the pungent taste of CBD.

Sool Broad-spectrum CBD Product Range

CBD Oil 500mg

CBD Oil 500mg is the lowest potency CBD oil while still remaining premium quality. This oil is perfect for first time CBD users ready to reap the natural benefits of CBD without overpowering their system. Taking the finest extract from the hemp plant, this CBD oil 500mg is what carries you through the day. Place a few drops under your tongue and allow it to absorb. A natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, lean into the therapeutic restoration as your body interacts with this force of nature.

CBD Oil 500mg
CBD Oil 1000mg

CBD Oil 1000mg

Reconnecting starts on the inside. CBD oil is extracted from one of nature’s wonderful plants, the hemp plant, and it works with our incredible internal system to grant us with all kinds of natural therapeutic benefits. You never know what kind of obstacles are going to be thrown your way throughout the day. But you can be prepared if you factor CBD oil into your routine. A natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, CBD molecules interact with your body to find out what you need and how to respond. Who could say no to a boost from Mother Nature?

CBD Oil 1500mg

How does your morning routine currently look? Wake up, check your phone, immediately scroll through your emails and worry about the day to come before it has even begun. Unfortunately this is a habit for many of us, but we should try to break it. Make your mornings more mindful and really take a moment to connect with yourself and your body. Ask what it wants and what it needs. This CBD oil, which is extracted from the hemp plant, is a simple and natural way to give your body the time and communication it needs. Start your day with a few drops and let the infinite powers of nature take their course, instilling you for the day ahead.

CBD Oil 1500mg
CBD Oil 3000mg

CBD Oil 3000mg

Allow nature to take its course with an infusion of CBD oil into your daily routine. Don’t push yourself to the limit, but instead listen to what your body needs. Derived from the finest hemp, SOOL CBD oil can help you find what your body needs and address any issues you may have at the source of the problem. This might sound serious, but sometimes its just a matter of self-care — which should be taken seriously. Whether it’s pain management or searching for a better quality of sleep, allow SOOL CBD oil to guide you with the infinite powers of nature.

CBD Spray Apple 1000mg

You know what they say about an apple a day. But wait until you try apple in each spray.A natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, our flavoured CBD spray harnesses the balanced sweet and sour taste of apple and intertwines it with all-natural CBD oil. Using a CBD oil spray is simple, enjoyable and immersive. When you feel the droplets on your tongue, you will feel refreshed, revitalised and reconnected with your body.

CBD Spray Apple 1000mg
CBD Gel capsules 15mg

CBD Gel capsules 15mg, 30pcs

SOOL has taken one of the finest ingredients that nature has to offer and placed it in this compact capsule. Who knew you could hold infinite natural benefits all in the palm of your hand? Take some time in your day to connect with yourself, think about what your body wants, and what your body needs. Boost your health, functioning, and immunity with SOOL CBD gel capsules.

CBD Gel capsules 25mg, 30pcs

Pain relief? Stress relief? Maybe you just need your body to reset, because life can be tiring. And SOOL knows that life can be tiring, which is why they have made these CBD capsules.You can take them anywhere, meaning you will never miss your opportunity to let your body benefit from the power of nature through our carefully cultivated and finely formulated hemp-based products. CBD capsules are premeasured, so you can eliminate one more stress from the day in front of you. SOOL has done the hard work, now it’s up to you to enjoy the benefits.

CBD Gel capsules 25mg
CBD Gel capsules 50mg

CBD Gel capsules 50mg, 30pcs

SOOL CBD capsules interact with the body in an infinite diversity of ways. A natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, this incredible molecule detects what you need and delivers it. From chemical imbalance to inflammation, factoring a SOOL CBD capsule into your daily routine will allow you to restore and reconnect with your body in a way you didn’t even know existed.

CBD Gummies 10mg, 30pcs

Derived from the finest hemp, formulated with the most exquisite CBD extract, SOOL CBD gummies are an innovative way for you to get your daily dose of cannabidiol while enjoying an exciting experience. Chewy in flavour, sweet in taste, and bursting with the powers of Mother Nature — SOOL CBD gummies might just be the best way to reconnect with yourself and with nature. Answer your body’s therapeutic needs, from aches and pains to stress, with SOOL CBD gummies.

CBD Gummies 10mg
CBD Gummies 25mg

CBD Gummies 25mg, 30pcs

SOOL CBD gummies provide an experience for the whole body, starting on your tongue where you get to taste the flavours of nature’s orchards and then the CBD is released into your body.SOOL CBD is derived from the finest hemp and provides your body with therapeutic benefits. A natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, SOOL gummies are what you need to add bounce to your day.

Brought to you by Reakiro, each SOOL product is formulated with top-quality broad-spectrum CBD oil guaranteed to deliver the therapeutic benefits of CBD without having THC. In line with their renowned attention to detail showcased through their formulas, the image on the packaging of SOOL products is a microscopic depiction of the crystalised structure of a CBD molecule!

SOOL is the new all-inclusive CBD brand, with products formulated to perfection, it is the ultimate way to enhance your day to day life with a boost from nature’s hidden treasure!