Reakiro adds Dr Irina Jahn. Reakiro’s CBD Knowledge Center and resources


Reakiro’s team has expanded once more, growing stronger with the addition of Dr Irina Jahn to the company. Dr Jahn obtained her medical degree from the I.M Sechenov First Moscow Medical Academy and then worked internationally as a practising physician for over two decades. Later on in her career Dr Jahn also completed a post-graduate certificate in Public Medicine from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Dr Jahn has worked as a doctor of confidence for several diplomatic missions while living in Ukraine, including the embassies of Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada, Argentina, The European Commission and the United Nations.

As shown by her extensive career, in-depth knowledge and dedication to public health, Dr Jahn is going to be an essential part of Reakiro, working to bring together the latest research into the capabilities of CBD and its therapeutic wellness potential with the formulation and reach of Reakiro CBD products. In line with her dedication to learning about all the facets of the endocannabinoid system and the potential for medicinal benefits of CBD, Dr Jahn is a firm believer in practising holistic medicine, the whole-body approach to healthcare which strives to improve health and wellness through the body and mind.

A large part of Dr Jahn’s work with Reakiro is also bolstering the educational materials the company makes available to the public. For many, the details and understanding of how CBD interacts with the body, and the science behind these interactions, can seem like a mystery. And as the industry is new, and constantly evolving, it can be hard for the public to know where to get reliable information about CBD and the wider cannabinoid system.

Dr Irina Jahn

Nevertheless, as is always the case when it comes to public health, knowledge and communication are the most effective techniques to help people. Reakiro strongly wishes to keep the community and beyond well informed about all the potential and latest developments in the CBD world, which is why the following pages are consistently being updated and progressed:

CBD Clinical Trials

A collection of the most prominent and legitimate clinical trials which have been carried out on CBD including inflammation, addiction, arthritis and more. All trials and studies included on this page have been carried out and approved by recognised and prestigious institutions.

Reakiro CBD FAQs

All questions are good questions, but sometimes people don’t know who to ask or where to find the answers. From ‘What is CBD?’ to ‘Will CBD show up on a drug test?’ all CBD questions and queries are answered here.

CBD Real Stories

People often feel that the best way to learn about a new product or experience is to hear real stories from real people. Reakiro wants to showcase candid and authentic stories from a range of our customers so people can accurately understand our company and products.

Reakiro Blog

A deep dive into a range of topics and developments in the CBD world, our blog posts are inspired by real-life experiences and backed by science.

All of the resources available on Reakiro are thoroughly researched and checked in order to bring our customers and community the latest and most accurate information. The CBD industry can only truly thrive if everyone is reading from the same fact sheet, which is why it is time to dedicate more and more to the education Reakiro can offer.

So with that, we would like to wholeheartedly welcome Dr Irina Jahn to the team. Her knowledge and medical experience is unparalleled and we hope that even more people can benefit from her dedicated career and the innovative work which is clear to come. Welcome, Dr Jahn!