Reakiro has expanded their range with CBD Gummies


Reakiro’s CBD gummies are made with premium quality Broad-Spectrum CBD extract to help you gain all the mental and physical wellness benefits of the hemp-based compound.

Reakiro, the European producer of a wide range of high-quality CBD products, has expanded their range to include CBD gummies, a form of cannabidiol which is rapidly growing in popularity.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Reakiro CBD gummies. This is in line with Reakiro’s goals to innovate and produce the highest quality CBD products giving consumers maximum enjoyment with all the benefits,” said Stuart McKenzie, CEO of Reakiro.

In their form, CBD gummies are not dissimilar to sweets. They are small, chewy and flavourful — allowing them to be enjoyed at any time with minimal fuss. Part of the reason that gummies have shot up in popularity is that taking a CBD gummy in public is discreet and will not draw any attention to oneself. This super convenient form means that not even a swig of water is needed to take a CBD gummy.
CBD Gummies

Taste is another big factor in the appeal of CBD gummies. Many CBD products, such as CBD oil and CBD raw hemp extract, contain the natural earthy taste of hemp. While some people enjoy this, others would prefer to gain the benefits of CBD without it.

Reakiro’s CBD gummies are crafted to reflect the brand’s colours, yellow and green. Each container of Reakiro’s CBD gummies contains two flavours, yellow lemon and green apple. CBD gummies from Reakiro are available in two dosages: 10mg CBD and 25mg CBD, catering for those with higher and lower CBD tolerances.

“Concluding several months of consumer research and data analysis from our retail partners, it is clear customer demand for gummies has grown tremendously over the last twelve months and continues to grow. This comes as no surprise considering the rapid evolution of the CBD market with customers looking for new, exciting and convenient ways to incorporate CBD into their daily lives,” said Sam Kearley, head of sales at Reakiro.

The motivations for making CBD gummies a staple of people’s daily routines fall across the spectrum. Obviously, this year everyone has become far more health-conscious. A study carried out in July 2020 by GSK and IPSOS found that the pandemic has had a significant impact on people’s behaviour and attitude towards self-care. 65% of people are now more likely to consider their health in their day-to-day actions.

Many CBD users are proactive in incorporating the cannabinoid into their daily regimen in order to promote the normal functioning of the body with the goal of boosting immunity.

There are also more specific reasons for people to seek out CBD gummies. Some of which include, improved sleep quality, lowered anxiety and lowered levels of pain.

Reakiro’s products also include a wide range of CBD oils, capsules, raw hemp extract as well as its own exclusive CBD skincare range. CBD gummies are the latest in this premium quality, innovative, and desired selection of food supplements and skin care products derived from nature. Reakiro consistently listens to what their community wants and delivers.

Reakiro products are available online via as well as in-store, including all Holland & Barrett stores across the UK.