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Did you know that hemp is one of the greenest and most sustainable crops that can be used in construction? Hempire, a subsidiary of Reakiro Holding, is working with progressive hemp technology to bring hemp buildings to people around the world.

At Reakiro Holding, our mission is to utilise every bit of the hemp plant to its full potential. This means that through years of hard work and innovative research, we have created a family of companies that understand how people around the world can benefit from hemp.

While you may be familiar with our CBD products, this is only one part of our ambitious cannabis revolution. Hemp plants are strong and tenacious and we’ve learned that they make an incredibly sustainable, green building material. Using the stems of the hemp plant and leading tech, Hempire creates building materials to sustainably and efficiently construct and insulate buildings.

Hempire is co-founded and lead by Stuart McKenzie, who is also CEO of Reakiro Holdings, and Sergiy Kovalenkov who has unparalleled experience in the world of hemp construction. Sergiy has a background in civil engineering and also sits on the board of directors for the US Hemp Building Association.

The scope of Hempire’s portfolio so far is varied and impressive in both design, location, and terrain. Past projects include a hemp-based chalet nestled into the French Alps and a hempcrete tiny house in California. Hempire’s work has started to be recognised around the world and by the media, in 2018 their work was featured in The New York Times article There’s No Place Like Home, Especially if It’s Made of Hemp.

Since 2015, our company Hempire has been doing fantastic and innovative work to construct buildings made of hemp around the world. To date, Hempire’s buildings have absorbed over 581 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. In a scheme supported by the EU and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Hempire was recognised for its climate innovation.

Hempire offers services from insulation materials, like hemp plaster, to business consulting on the industry and are happy to take on both commercial and residential projects. Head over to the brand new Hempire website and become one of our franchise licence holder.

Hempire Projects