Independent laboratory results for CBD products — what are they and why are they important?


Seemingly everyday a new CBD product, or maybe even company, appears on the market. The world is waking up to the wonders of CBD (cannabidiol) and the improvements it can make to your daily life in the short-term, and your overall quality of life in the long-term. However, this quickly evolving market remains unregulated, and in tandem with the industry’s development low grade operations are emerging. Such knock-off ventures are potentially dangerous for consumers, or in the best case just a waste of money. So how do you know if the product you are purchasing is legitimate? Luckily, for the consumer, the emergence of low grade operations has forced leaders in the industry to publicly provide independent third party laboratory test results. Thanks to these test reports, consumers have access to all the necessary information to understand the legitimacy of the product and what exactly they are putting in and/or on their body. This practise of company transparency easily sets apart the high quality producers from the low grade operations who are trying to make quick money from a newly discovered market, rather than produce genuine wellness products.

Obviously you only want the highest quality products for your body and consumers should also be cautious about other substances which may have entered lower grade products, either intentionally or otherwise.

Lab Results CBD Products

Third party independent laboratory tests, sometimes referred to as a CoV (Certificate of Verification) or CoA (Certificate of Analysis), do not come cheaply and can cost up to four figures. Additionally, as this remains an unregulated market for the time being, these reports are not mandatory. Consequently, substandard operations are unlikely to pay for these as not only would they set them back in their quick money making venture, but also they would reveal the inauthenticity of their proceedings. When a company has invested in a CoV/CoA it is a mark of high quality and consideration for the customer, as a result Certificate of Analysis reports will be displayed on the company’s website and will be easy to find.

But what exactly is a test report and what can we read from it?

First of all, the test report will document the exact chemical make-up of the CBD based product. This information gives the consumer visibility on the exact amount and concentration of cannabidiol in the product, which initially may be one of the most important factors as you want to control and know how much you are taking based on its potency, as a consumer you also want to know if you are getting your money’s worth and that your product hasn’t been diluted in any way.

Furthermore, the test report will reveal whether the CBD-based product is full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate. That is to say, full spectrum products are composed of all the naturally occurring compounds which are found in the hemp plant, including terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids including THC — this is also known as the ‘entourage effect’. Isolate, on the other hand, contains only cannabidiol. Broad spectrum products bridge the gap between these two profiles, these products contain the naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids, but contains no trace of THC.

Aside from disclosing the composition of the product as a derivative of the hemp plant and its natural components, independent test reports also review whether any additional substances have entered the end product. As the hemp plant is what is known as a ‘hyper-accumulator’ (absorbs contaminants from the air and soil).

Hopefully this article has not only highlighted the importance of independent third party lab reports when it comes to CBD-based products, but has also made these reports a little easier to understand. It is imperative that only the highest quality products are used for your body, and whilst the market is booming and CBD products are becoming more widely available, this is a double edged sword as low grade operations are emerging in the market.

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