Starbucks could be the first big chain to start selling CBD beverages


In a few years, there might just be a CBD Frappuccino available to enthusiasts

By 2025, CBD retail sales could reach up to $16 billion. Rawpixel / iStock / Getty Images Plus


Coffee behemoth Starbucks could be the first major chain to introduce a range of cannabis-infused beverages, according to analysts

A report released Monday by Cowan revealed its analysis of the CBD market. The group believes that by 2025, CBD retail sales could reach up to $16 billion and that CBD is likely to start showing up in a variety of products on the market.

“The dynamics are fluid, likely delaying adoption from major coffee players like Starbucks in the near term,” wrote analyst Andrew Charles in the report.

“Should the regulation of CBD oil as an additive to food/beverage change or craft/independent coffee shops find a way to comply with the existing regulation, we could envision Starbucks ultimately piloting the ingredient.”

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