Big achievement for Ukraine!


It was a historic moment for Ukraine on symbolic date for the whole cannabis industry around the globe.  On April 20th, 2018 the first ever Medical Cannabis Conference that took place in Kharkiv organized by Ukrainian Medical Cannabis Association. This by all means massive event attracted over 500 attendants including 173 doctors and 70 medical patients. Reakiro took a close look at this significant event.

Henadiy Shabas opening the conference


Numbers speak for themselves, Ukraine, as a country, is in great need for cannabis based medication with thousands of people suffering from cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, etc. And that was message sent by all of the invited speakers from Israel, USA, Poland and Lithuania.

Saul Kaye Founder and CEO of iCAN: Israel-Cannabis

It was a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge received by attendees with companies’ CEO’s, doctors and mothers (of some patients) sharing their expertise and experience working with cannabis based medicine. Some of Ukrainian doctors and representatives of different public organizations requested government to take next steps that would allow Ukrainian scientists to have access to the plant and start scientific studies.


This type of approach is not unique, since many countries around the globe already have cannabis based medication available to patients in countries like: Switzerland, Canada, USA, England, Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy and many more.  Its time for Ukraine to act fast to change its’ archaic laws on this subject if we want to have healthy society. And this event was a huge success with many more to come.

By Reakiro

April 24,2018